Empty Nesters Are Out in Leesburg Looking to "Buy"

We have noticed a large amount of empty nesters visiting our communities that we have been marketing.  They are looking to scale down from their "older" and "larger" homes to a more manageable home but still want to stay within the town.  One community in particular has mature trees surrounded by established neighborhoods, that is semi-private from the main roads into Downtown Leesburg.  Our buyers are willing to pay for what they want if the builder is willing to make accommodations for their lifestyle.  When a mature buyer is ready to scale down, many times they want a boutique builder who will give them the features they want for a comfortable but practical home.  Where production home builders are not really set-up for change orders from their standard list of options and plans.

Because of this unique homeowner who wants to stay in or near the Town of Leesburg, who do not want to deal with stairs and can do without the high density of homes and vehicles coming in and out of the community.  Our client builder has quickly created a main level product to accommodate 50% of our new home buyers; The Empty Nester!

A smaller builder can turn on a dime if their buyer profile is not what they anticipated, we are glad this builder listened to our team by improving their product line for the current buyer's market.  That's a smart builder!