Builders, are you aware that NVAR create a New Home Construction Contract just for you?

Builders, do you know that NVAR (Northern Virginia Area of Realtors) have created a NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT just for you and your Buyers? Ask me more about form NVAR K1208.

The form is beautifully and simply written with a option addendum to add your buyer's options, and a new home construction financing addendum.  Not until now there has not been a New Homes Construction Contract.  Realtors have been crossing out and re-writing paragraphs on the Sales Contracts without attorney review or input creating a potential legal fiasco.  

The committee has seen a need for Design + Build builders to have a New Home Construction Contract to protect themselves and the buyers as well as the brokerages.

Contact me if you would like a sample and overview of this much needed document created for new home construction building industry.  Hats off to NVAR for this fantastic document and addendums.
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