builder listings or create a boyl listing with a land listing

At No Cost - We will list your quick delivery homes with our New Home Listing Brokerage that knows how to market your listing with high-end photos, videos, content, focus on your brand - not ours.  Ensure your listings are accurate on the top 3 real estate search sites:, Zillow, Trulia, and RedFin. Return leads to the builder via referral system via FiveStreet, does your current broker do this?  Offer virtual staging for empty rooms without the expensive costs of a designer and rented merchandise. We are specialists on creating a "paper house" means a to-be-built floorplan on a lot listing, even if you don't own the lot.  This is a popular option for builders who do not have inventory or own lot(s).

On-site Sales Team

There is a difference when a builder has the support of a trained New Home Specialist selling their products than a real estate agent or non-trained home agent.  We have an Award Winning Team.  They have been trained by the best new home sales trainers in the new home building industry and have sold for many top production and custom builders.  They are versed in builder contracts, addendums and options plans. They read site plans and blue-prints, and can conduct an electrical and/or color selection appointment on or off-site with your buyers.


We can conduct Competitive Analysis Reports on your current project or new project based on your competition and the local market.  What will sell in your market based on local builder sales and market conditions.  We know you are smart but a second opinion is always better.  Builders & New Homes can design a program for any budget.


If you need social media to get your company or communities out to the world, we can put together a campaign and set-up accounts to target audiences and their areas. Most custom builders need to update their websites.  Your website is your business card before your client meets you.  Buyers are on the internet looking for you, but will also eliminate a builder if their website isn't easy to use or up-to-date.  You can't ignore local grass-root marketing through your local brokers and agents. We can get your product out to them. The next level of marketing is through powerful search engines like, Zillow and Facebook!  We know how to target your community and listings via these top powerful real estate engines.

broker e-blast and demographic e-blast service

We have our own e-blast service that we send out to brokers and Realtors for community openings, events, immediate deliveries, and broker incentives.  Our lists is fresh along with attractive and creative content, incentives or simple cool give-a-ways attract broker offices with creative and consistent e-blast campaign.  We can also handle your broker events from start to finish.

Model Refresh or redesign

Does your model need a refresh? Do you need a local designer to give your immediate delivery home just enough decor for photos to get the house sold?  We can handle those details for you.

lm marketing group is our marketing Partner

An award winning full-service strategic marketing firm, advertising agency and public relations firm headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland with offices in Tysons Corner, Virginia and Augusta, Georgia. Marketing some of the largest national and local builders in the Washington, DC Metro area. 

private Consultation

We know that it takes many steps to get a project up and running and a couple steps will not work.  It takes all the steps to properly market and sell a project just like it takes to build a home.  Let us handle the marketing and selling side so that you can do what you do best, build homes.

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